- EMV Level 1 compliant
  - Audio jack connector with proprietary audio protocol interface
  - Integrated extended life rechargeable battery
  - LED indicators for battery and reader status
  - Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices
  - Low power consumption when reader is in standby mode
  - Swipe(2&3 track) and Chip(EMV L1)card readers in one unit
 Card reader  Dual track(2&3) magnetic strip reader  Standby time  Up to 1200 day’s
 Interface  LED indicators to indicate battery status  Mass  60g approx
 Certifications  EMV Level 1, KC  SDK  Android, iOS
 Life of Head  500,000 card passes    
 Power  Li-POLMER battery  Operating
 Charge  Mini USB port 5V  Storage
 Dimension  69.0mm(W)x58.9mm(H)x21.9mm(L)  Warranty  6 months