Multi-track F2F-Decoder is a CMOS Intergrated Circuitdevice,
  which is providing high decoding function for Magnetic Card Reader.
  Dual/Triple Track F2F Decoder
  OP Amplification circuitry built in (Max ASIC)
  Recovers data with as much as 35% drop-out amplitude
  Low power dissipation
  Intermittent Noise protection
  PB free package
. Magnetic stripe card reader
. POS keyboard
. Security Control
. CAT(card authorization terminal)
. Boarding Pass Reader
  Name   F2F-2000   F2F-3000
  Track   Dual Track   Triple Track
  Supply Voltage   7.0 Volt
  Voltage Input Range   0 to VDD
  Input Current   25mA
  Output Current   10mA
  Stand-by Current   1.5mA/5V, 600㎂/3V   2.9mA/5V, 1.1mA/3V
  Operating Current   2.5mA/5V, 900㎂/3V   3.3mA/5V, 1.3mA/3V
  Operating Voltage   3.0V ~ 5.5V
  Operating Temperature   -30 ~ 75℃
  Storage Temperature   -55 ~ 150℃